Money Back Guarantee Car Service

Offering 100% money back guarantee car service due to our remarkable performance and customer service. We believe that Five Emerald has never had a disappointed client and will never will! Therefore, we are 100% confident to offer 100% money guarantee if we have not provided 100% of what we promised – that is, the 5 core values of our company:

  • Professionalism – Professional and well trained chauffeur who knows where he is going
  • Reliability – On time pick up and prompt transfer to the destination
  • Friendly Service – Friendly customer service
  • Comfort – Recent model and immaculate car
  • Experience – Memorable and pleasant experience

If any of these is not delivered, Ira, President & Founder of the company, will personally ensure a full refund. That’s Five Emerald Limo’s money back guarantee car service promise.