What is the best way to book?

Best, easiest and fastest way to book with us is  online 

Do you offer discounts or promo codes? 

At this moment, we are not offering any discounts. Also, we no longer have promo codes.

What is the Town Car rate of the trip SF to or from SFO? 

$192 all-inclusive

What is SUV rate of the trip SF to or from SFO? 

$256 all-inclusive

Do rates on the website include everything?

Yes, our rates are always fixed and all-inclusive (includes all taxes, fees, tolls and driver’s gratuity). 

How does curbside pick up work? 

When you arrive at the airport and are ready for a ride, call (415) 812-1757 and let us know at which door you’re standing and whether you’re on the arrivals or departures level. We always have a driver waiting for you near the airport. Our wait time for curbside pick up is only 5 minutes.

Do I need to prepay for the trip? 

Most of our clients pay for the trip when they book because they prefer the convenience and time savings. However, if you prefer to pay later, it is fine. But we authorize your credit card in advance.

Do you have vehicles larger than 18 passengers? 

Yes. We have large size buses.

Do I need to call to confirm my pick up? 

No. Once you make a reservation, we’ll send you a confirmation email, which means you’re in our reservation system and you’ll get your car on time. There is no need to confirm your pickup.

What are your telephone reservation hours? 

From 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day.

Do you do pick up/drop off at City X ? 

Yes. We are licensed to operate anywhere in California, and have trusted affiliates nationwide. 

How old are your cars?

All our cars are new, immaculate and washed every day

Do your drivers have experience? 

All of the drivers at Five Emerald Limousine  have minimum of three years of professional driving experience. For all trips, we map out the route before we pick you up.

What does your stretch limo or SUV stretch limo include? 

We provide complimentary champagne, water, ice and glasses. Feel free to bring anything on board.

For tours and charters, are we required to be out for 4 hours? 

No, we can take you out for fewer than 4 hours. However, 4 hours is the minimum reservation, so you’ll be charged for the full 4 hours even if your trip is shorter.

Do I need to call if my flight is delayed or coming early?

No. We track the flight online and notice if your arrival or departure time changes. However, if you change your flight number, please let us know.

Do we need to choose which wineries we’ll visit before the wine tour?

No. You can pick wineries on the go. However, some smaller wineries require advance reservations. We are happy to help you design the tour and provide recommendations for wineries and restaurants.

Do you provide child car seat? 

Yes, for additional $50, we provide infant, toddler, or booster car seats.

What is your cancellation policy? 

50% of the total amount will be charged for all cancellations regardless of cancellation reason.